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 Applications for Advertising in Multimedia

 Applications for Agricultural Automation

 Applications for Banking and Finance

 Applications for Legacy Environments (Mainframe, iSeries, etc)

 Applications with Drones

 Asset Maintenance Management Software

 Automated Irrigation Systems

 Automated Parking Systems

 BI (Business Intelligence) tools

 Biometrics Systems

 Computer Audit software and services

 Consolidation of Data Centers

 CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

 Data Disaster Recovery Planning systems

 Data Storage

 Defense and Security Systems

 E-commerce and M-commerce applications

 E-learning tools

 Electronic Billboard Applications

 Electronic signature systems

 Energy Efficiency Systems

 Equipment Predictive Maintenance Systems

 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software

 Fleet Vehicle Control Systems


 Healthcare Software

 Homeland Security Systems

 Industrial Applications

 Internet of Things (IoT) systems 

 Multiplatform Connectivity Systems

 Network Connectivity

 People Counting Systems

 Queues Management Systems

 Rapid Prototyping Systems

 Refurbished Hardware

 Renewable energy systems

 Retail Systems

 RFID and NFC systems (Vending machines, etc)

 Services and tools for Ethical Hacking and Intrusion Tests

 Software and Services in the Cloud

 Software de BPM (Business Process Management) Software

 Software for EAM (Enterprise Assets Management)

 Software for Human Resources

 Software for Multimedia Traffic

 Software for SAP (GRC, SoD, IDM)

 Software for SAP License Management

 Systems for Industry 4.0


 Tools for Open Systems


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