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«It's the pipeline, stupid»

There are no magical solutions or universally applicable to all scenarios – all of them very complex – in the field of sales.

But there is a mechanism that may help us to increase our chances to survive and even to thrive in the tough and at the same time exciting sales business.

This mechanism is called «sales pipeline».

In this White Paper you will find some clues to build and maintain a healthy pipeline that allows you to do what you need to do to make your business survive and grow: selling. 

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«Do not present what you are selling.

Sell what you are presenting»

A White Paper about the factors that ruin a sales slides-based presentation, and those that can rescue it from failure. This document is a guide trying to help to make commercial presentations that could serve their single purpose: to sell.

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Insomnia problems?... watch a sales presentation

A White Paper that confirms what those of us who work in sales already know: 99% (maybe more) of all sales presentations are effective ... to make audience asleep… but not to sell.

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¿Why the sales funnel has a funnel shape?

A White Paper that tries to explain through Boolean algebra why from a number of potential clients that we have in our sales pipeline, we will be able to close a sale with only a handful of them (and this, in the best case).

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