4 advantages of exselling® that differentiate it (for the better) from other sales methods



Advantage # 1: independence of the product (or service)

The sales produced by the method do not depend on a product or service, but on the method itself.


Advantage # 2: market Independence

Sales do not depend on a particular market, because the method takes into account the particularities of each market.


Advantage # 3: continuous prospecting (really)

Prospecting is, by far, the sales task that consumes most of time, money and effort invested in any sales program. And it is also the most important task to generate sales.

My method prioritizes prospecting, and carries it out on a continuous basis, providing you and your channels with a constant inflow of new sales opportunities.


Advantage # 4: sincerity with you (something quite unusual in sales)

Not all products and services are saleable. If every product or service on the market was saleable, Forbes™ magazine billionaire list would include many people that are always trying to sell their product or service.

Why are there so many products and services that do not get sold, no matter how much effort is put in trying to sell them?

For several reasons: too many competitors, arrival on the market too late (or too soon), a mediocre execution of sales work.

An unsaleable product or service does not necessarily mean a poor quality product or service.

But the fact is that you never know - a priori - if a product or service is unsaleable in a certain context ... you have to try.

But it is not the same to try without any sales method than to do it with one that includes the 6 key tasks to sell.

The truth is that when applying my exselling® method you will know sooner than later whether or not we have real chances of selling satisfactorily in any given market, and I will promptly share this information with you, even if the news is not good and that means the termination of our business relationship.


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